Membership Overview | House Academy

Steven & Jill & House Academy provide a tremendous amount of free real estate investment guidance, content & information.

Serious Investors Become "Members".


Membership includes the House Academy 1.0; SFRs Education Program with supporting tools. Together they are all you need to succeed.

Our Tools include an ever-growing collection of acquisition, engineering and sales resources. We have been using the exact same tools to buy and sell property for decades, and now alongside our members.
See a Comprehensive List of what’s included.

We believe in learning with the tools yields better and faster results the same way a musician learns to play the guitar with one in his hands, rather than reading about it or watching someone else do it.

Hundreds of our members are buying and selling undervalued houses along with our real-time online community support.

Please Note:

  • Our real job is buying and selling property. House Academy (and Land Academy) are our ways of giving back.
  • We created House Academy at the request of our members over at Land Academy. They succeeded in land and saw what we were doing with houses – so they asked us to share “how we purchase property inexpensively for resale or personal use.”
  • The education we provide has been perfected since the 1990s. The tools are the same ones we use every week to buy and sell property alongside our members.
  • We do not upsell a $20,000-$50,000 add-on or upgrade. House Academy Membership is a no-stone-unturned single complete solution.
  • We developed House Academy to inspire, prepare and empower ambitious property investors. This is a way of helping us too! We’re all stronger together and being able to work with our members on deals has been mutually beneficial for all of us!
  • We have negotiated huge discounts with providers and application designers due to our history and member base. Purchased individually, the monthly cost of these tools would be substantially higher.