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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

The Manager (aka deal submitter) is responsible for opening and managing escrow. 

The Manager (aka deal submitter) should select best title company based on investor rates, referrals from other members, etc. Escrow should include “hold open fee” (typically $200-400) so when re-selling property it will be a cheaper and faster closing process.

Once escrow is open, title agent’s contact information and the buyer LLC legal documents should be provided to the in-house House Academy Transaction Coordinator  (TC). The TC will contact the escrow company directly and provide all necessary documents.

While Steven and Jill are behind the scenes involved in all House Academy Deal Funding acquisition decisions, our Transaction Coordinator will be the main point of contact and handle most communication throughout the process.

No. The Manager (aka deal submitter) will use all marketing venues at his disposal to sell the property as quickly as possible and provide the Transaction Coordinator with a Marketing Plan. Manager may adjust the sales price of the property with written Investor consent.

Don’t fret, there are PLENTY of other people (including in our group) who would love to fund your deal! Please make a posting on the House Investors DealBoard (and very soon HouseTank!) for your property, and any interested members will contact you from there.