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The Big Picture

The House Academy education package has been combined with the tools that we provide and named “Membership.” 

We have created levels of membership: Green and Silver. Green is free. Silver is $295 per month, and includes everything in the right hand column HERE. 

Silver membership provides the professional grade tools to help our members complete real estate investment transactions effectively and efficiently. They are designed to save you time and money (i.e. replace staff and software fees).  

We do not provide the tools without the education and vice versa. We have found that our successful members have both. You need the education to learn how to use the tools, and you need the tools to enact the membership.

Yes, property flipping has proven itself to be a lucrative investment time and time again. We have completed 15,000+ documented purchases and sales of property since 1999. You need professional grade education, tools, and support. House Academy provides all three in a no-stone-left-unturned approach, and all of the tools we use every day are made available to our members. So yes, property flipping works as long as you have the education and tools to succeed.

ABSOLUTELY. See the House Academy online support community for real time examples of our members flipping property for themselves under our umbrella and direction. Please feel free to reach out to them individually or post on the site. 

Please feel free to make an account (it’s free!) and reach out to our members or make a post. They would love to talk to you and answer any questions.

Not at all. Our programs are all designed for beginners with no prior knowledge (although those of you with past experience are welcome too!)

Great question! Land Academy is the original program that we created in 2015, along with its own suite of tools. Land Academy is designed to teach people how to buy and sell rural vacant land (and infill lots were added in 2019!) House Academy was created at the request of those very members. It is here to teach you how to buy and sell undervalued houses. 

While both programs share basic principles, they are very different processes with very different data sets. We recommend enrolling in each if you want to work in both land and houses. 

Yes. There are millions and millions of this type of property out there for potential purchase. We teach how to identify the unwanted ones and contact the owners with an offer to purchase. There is no real competitive overlapping among our group.

We release new products frequently. Make sure you sign up for our email list by downloading our eBook or being a member in order to get updates on new releases. 

Have an idea of something we should release? We would love to hear it! Email with details. 

We have completed thousands of transactions since 1999 and this is our way of giving back. The more we work together, the more profitable and enjoyable this way of life is for all of us involved with the BuWit Family of Companies. One of our goals is to create educated partners so we can do more real estate deals. 

We have successful members who have started with $500 – $1000 and we have members who have access to limitless financial resources. Both seem to end up in the same financial position at the same time. It’s about ambition more than money.

The best way to get yourself to where you want to be is by becoming a House Academy member. You will receive the full education and tools that you need to be successful. 

We also have a wealth of free information out there for you. Listen to our podcast, read the blog, join our online community, download the ebook, and schedule a call with our team to answer any questions! 

We love partnering with members on deals! You can submit your deal HERE.

We do not advertise for outside companies on any of our sites. There is absolutely no advertising or solicitation of any kind permitted on the forum or the DealBoard. Any persons found soliciting or advertising services, products, etc. in any of our venues will be immediately removed. 

If you have questions about House Academy membership, the programs, our support, etc. please feel free to email us at or schedule a call with us HERE. 

The best way to ask just about any other question is in our online forum community. We have found that it’s a great way for land investors to share ideas, successes, failures, work-arounds and more — those who’ve been around longer like to help because they remember what it was like to be the new kid on the block. So, make sure you have an account and don’t be shy about posting any question! 

Another great way to get answers is by listening to our daily podcasts and reading the weekly blogs! We also have different consulting options available, as explained above. 

One GREAT thing about House Academy is all of the different support options that you have. Our forum is an incredibly valuable tool for newcomers (and old-timers alike) to bounce ideas off other (like-minded) investors, ask questions, share concepts, etc. It’s a remarkably symbiotic community that everyone gets a lot out of. This forum-based site should is a great place to go to with questions, and Steven, Jill, and the rest of our staff are on there often helping in addition to our whole community. 

Be absolutely sure to tune into our MEMBER CALL. This is your place to talk to Steven and Jill directly for free. Any question you ask during this time will be answered, and they can definitely help you analyze your property and answer any questions about selling it if you log in. Member calls are every Thursday, and login information can be found in your House Academy Member Guide. 

The daily (weekday) PODCASTS are always very educational AND entertaining. The questions that Steven and Jill answer daily are taken directly from our forum site, so if you post your question there it could also get answered on a podcast.

Great! If you’re already a member of Land Academy and are ready to join House Academy, you should have received an email with instructions on how to sign up. If you need the secret link again you can find it directly in your Land Academy Dashboard under Tools -> Resources, or email us at for help. 

You’re in great company! We have created a special, cheaper combo of education and tools for people who want to join both that will be coming soon!

House Academy 1.0: SFRs Program & Membership

The House Academy 1.0; SFRs Program is now online! You get instant access through your House Academy Dashboard as soon as you check out .

We have several educational programs, but only one housing program is available to the public right now. Please check our websites for the release of new programs. We produce and release them based on customer request. 

We do have three programs available through Land Academy. Check them out HERE.

We are happy to help and offer one on one consulting at discounted rates for our members. If you feel like you need more individualized support, you can schedule consulting with Steven or Jill. Please see the consulting information above for how to schedule.

House Academy membership is a monthly subscription service that provides you with access to the real estate data the pros use along with deeply discounted mail services. It includes DataTree access, TitlePro24/7 access, ParcelFact access, DealBoard access, Offers2Owners discounted mailings, and MORE. In addition, it comes with advanced level support via weekly calls, upgraded forum access, property discounts, and deal opportunities.

Once enrolled in House Academy Membership, you’ll receive access to your House Academy Dashboard with the login information that you have set up. All logins and the educational program can be found there. You will have instant access to the education program, your Member Guide, and several logins. A few other logins need to be manually loaded. Those will be loaded the same day if you check out before 3 pm Monday-Thursday. If you check out after 3 pm Monday-Thursday, they will be loaded the next morning. If you check out after 3 pm Friday or over the weekend, they will be loaded Monday morning. 

Great! We accept guest blogs and podcast guests from members on a case by case basis. Please email us at with your interest. 

Member Calls

We hold a live, free, weekly call for all House Academy & Land Academy members. Every week Steven and Jill are there to share successes, cover hot topics, and provide extensive Q&A support. They are audio and video with visual aids. If you want a deal reviewed, we can do it then too.

If you want one time FREE access to our register HERE.

Weekly member calls are every Thursday starting 2:00 pm PST.

The weekly member call is open to all active Silver members. If you are interested in purchasing the program but haven’t yet, it’s possible to obtain a one-time invite to listen in on a call by completing the request form HERE.

You can access the call through Zoom by following the information in your House Academy Member Guide.

Each member is provided access for one login. Of course, we understand you may have a partner or spouse involved and we welcome them to listen in with you, so long as they are all on your account logged in as the account holder, such as on a conference call.

Absolutely. All calls are recorded and made available to members in HERE.

If you have a specific technical issue, contact They have a team that can troubleshoot very quickly and get you on the call. Once the call has begun, our support team is on the call answering questions.

Within the call, make sure that you are connected to the audio but that your microphone is muted. To communicate, simply type comments into the text box on the right side of your screen, and make sure that it is directed to everyone (panelists and attendees). You can also ask questions in the separate question box. If Steven and Jill determine that your topic fits the flow of the call and should be discussed further, they might ask you to unmute yourself and talk with them! Otherwise, they will read questions out loud and answer them live there.

GREAT! You can register for a one-time call invite HERE.

Data & Billing

When you first sign up, you will be charged for your first month. Every month thereafter, the monthly subscription fee will be automatically charged to the card you provided at the time of sign up. When you sign up, you agree to a twelve month contract. More details can be found in the terms and conditions.

We bill for DataTree data/records downloaded every day for the day before using the credit card we have on file.

All of the instruction needed can be found in the House Academy 1.0; SFRs education program. Membership is the collection of tools we use to purchase undervalued property. Like all tools, they come with instructions. Only with that foundation can DataTree, bulk mail printing, and the other benefits of membership be effective. 

If you follow the program, Steven shows his screen and shows exactly how to pull lists and what options he selects. He goes over all of the optimal settings and information that pertains to what we teach here at House Academy. 

We’ve even had members who set up the program on a screen next to them while they pull data the first few times so they can pause and follow along and complete each step. That’s great and exactly what you should be doing! It’s a lot of information, take advantage of it.

If you have problems with the data, the quickest solution is to contact the data vendor directly and to utilize all of the great information available within the data site. They have teams in place that can help you with most of your issues. They are the most knowledgeable since they work directly for the vendor, and are standing by waiting for calls so they will definitely provide the fastest solution. From technical issues to more specific questions to “How do I do…?” questions, they should always be your first point of contact.  

Also, review the basics from your House Academy Program. Many of your potential questions are covered in there, so make sure you review the sections you might be having issues with. The forum is the next option for questions on the data because many members are actively using the data every day and can offer very helpful input. Search for questions similar to your own under the relevant forum topics, and if you can’t find anything then feel free to post for help!

Still have questions?

Feel free to click the “Help” buoy in the lower-left corner of this website to chat with or email our support team.


Ask our team today and schedule your FREE consultation!