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House Academy 1.0; SFRs with Tools & Resources Bundle.

We created Land Academy in 2015 at the request of our regular land buying customers. Now, we have created House Academy at the request of all of those successful members. We have created a community of investors all helping each other to complete larger deals and move into other property types.

Many of our members are buying and selling undervalued houses this week using this bundle along with our real time online community support. And that’s it. Bundled with Membership (access to pro tools & resources), it’s everything you need to succeed in turning property into equity.

What you will learn...

House Academy 1.0; SFRs (program)

"Excellent Training with Excellent Customer Support Team! If you're serious about investing in [property]. These are the guys to model. I wish I could give a 10 star rating (because that's what I would rate them)."
House Academy Member Investors Travis Jenkins
Travis Jenkins
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