Investors Newsletter – Volume 31

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Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022.

Whew. We made it through another eventful year and its now January, so it seems fitting to talk about resolutions. Specifically, land investors’ resolutions.

There is no better time to reset and think about what you want to get out of this year. Do you want to quit your full-time job and focus solely on land? Are you hoping to pay off debt? Are you ready to hire someone to help with your land business?

Whatever it is, you’ve got to set the goal first and then consider what resolutions you need to make to achieve that goal. You need a real, tangible goal. Not just “I want to be rich”. If you don’t know what you’re working for, you can’t gauge your progress and readjust if needed. Take a deep breath, step back and ask yourself what reasonable goals you can set for 2022.

Once you’ve set reasonable goals it is time to make a plan so that you can meet your goals. What things do you have to change? What things do you have to start doing? How much harder are you going to have to work to meet your expectations?

Now that you have your goals set and a plan developed, it is time to act. Your resolutions should help you achieve your goals. You cannot move forward if you do not take action. Your first movements may not be perfect, but you must start somewhere.

You must learn to forgive, forget, and forge forward.

EVERYONE messes up. I don’t care who you are or what your goal is, you are going to fall. There are going to be hard days. There will be times when you feel like you are moving backwards. You’ve got to be able to forgive yourself.

You need to determine now, how you are going to handle the bad days and how you will bounce back. If you expect there will be a few bumps in the road, it might not hurt as much when you actually hit them. Make room for failure in your plan and don’t beat yourself up if you do fail at something. Fix it and forget it.

Then, forge forward. You might have to work overtime to make up for your mistakes, but you can’t just stop. You must move on.

I can’t wait to see what 2022 is going to look like for you. Remember, you’ve got to set the goal first, then determine what resolutions you need to make to achieve the goal(s), then act. And always, forgive, forget, and forge forward.



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A Message From the Offers2Owners Team

Offers2Owners Numbers:

Mail Sent In December: 661,267

Properties Purchased: 1,624

Data Pulled: 639,942

New Year, New Counties, MORE MAIL!

As we start the new year, we want to thank all of YOU for your continued support and for allowing us to be your #1 mail provider.

Let’s start the year off strong and stay consistent!

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Member Updates

We created a list of funders with millions of dollars ready to use. We want to update this list to include all of the new people ready to fund deals in 2022.

If you would like to be included on this list, please answer the questions below via email to:, by Friday, February 5th.

1) Name

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4) Type of deals you are interested in funding (land/house/any)

5) ROI% (minimum you will accept)

6) Geographical preference

7) Investment capacity per deal ($)

8) Investment capacity overall ($)

9) Transaction experience

10) Handholding/mentoring threshold (low/medium/high)


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Marketing Tips

New Year, New You

The New Year calls for restarts, resets, and rebrands. If your business has been in need of a rebrand, perhaps now is the best time to get that ball rolling.By definition, a rebrand is the process in which a business entity undergoes a transformation of brand name, style, logo, aesthetics, and so on, in order to develop a new identity. An entity may undergo a rebrand for various reasons, such as to attract different demographics or to differentiate itself from competitors. Identifying the purpose of your rebrand should be your very first step in the entire process. Then, you will be better able to make changes accordingly. If you’ve had your business for a while and haven’t changed much about its image, take some time to see if there is need for any sort of change. If not, that’s okay too! After all, no need to fix what isn’t broken.

– Marketing Team

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This month’s question (more success story) came from Lucas over on LandInvestors.

My offer was for a property that was already listed. The seller and I couldn’t agree on a price. However, he had a tiny parcel in a nearby county that he was also wanting to get rid of. It was so tiny that I wasn’t sure if anything could be done with it, but it was right downtown in a nice community directly off main street. City zoning allows for trailers and modular homes, so I went for it

We agreed on a price. Closed quickly. I put it up for sale. I put up a for sale sign and it was under contract to sell within a week. Never even had time to get my posting online. Bought for $3,800 and sold for $9,000. Now I have enough cash to go back and try some deals that I missed from my first mailer. Again, I owe a debt of gratitude to this community.

Check out and listen to Steven and Jill’s reponse HERE.

Our Member Spotlight this month is Laurie Phillips!

Laurie has had about eleven companies under her belt. While Laurie has blown us away with how she has applied CFFL and made it her own.

You can find her actively helping people on and the discord. Her best advice is to educate yourself, call the counties and escrow companies.

We’re especially excited to announce that Laurie is going to be helping us lead the Land Academy Accountability Groups – so if you sign up you’ll get to work pretty closely with her.

(Pro Tip: Laurie LOVES to fund your deals)

Listen to her talk with Steven and Jill about how she went full force in the land business and has grown her business dramatically HERE!

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