House Academy Member Webinar March 23, 2023 | House Academy

House Academy Member Webinar March 23, 2023

House Academy Member Webinar

House Academy Webinars are provided as a FREE resource to our House Academy 1.0; SFRs program holders.

The calls are held weekly every Thursday at 2pm Pacific. This is your opportunity to submit questions regarding the educational modules and resources available to you and submit deals for Jack and Jill to review and provide live feedback. This weekly opportunity to get answers from the pros, in real time, is an invaluable resource that we provide in order to offer advice to quickly mitigate any barriers to success that our valuable members may be facing. Oftentimes, Jack and Jill will even offer to fund your deals!

If you don’t have any specific questions or deals to review, this is still a great opportunity to learn even more about land investing. Even better, if you cannot attend the webinar during its regularly scheduled time, as a Land Academy member you can catch up on the recordings on

If you’re not a Land Academy member but want to see how it all works, please send a message to for a one-time guest pass!