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Empower your house flipping endeavors with our game-changing tactics designed to propel you to the top of the industry. Harness the power of innovation and seize your path to unparalleled success and dominance! 

As Land Flipping entrepreneurs, we are meant to evolve.

Those who Master the art of land flipping… with hard work and dedication, can have life changing and career changing results.

  • What’s Really Financially Possible 
  • Anatomy of a Land Deal 
  • Three Reasons Why Property Does Not Sell Quickly 
  • The Concept of “Reach” 
  • How to Pick the Best Target Market 
  • What Triggers Motivated Sellers? 
  • What Could Go Wrong? 
  • Successes 
  • Resources 

…to elevate your land flipping ventures to the next level!

The Outcome of Land Flipping

  • Own your own business 
  • Transition away from your current career 
  • Build a network of fellow land investors 
  • Embark on your ideal vacation 
  • Resolve outstanding debt 
  • Invest in your child’s college savings 
  • Retire
You are 1 deal away from your greatest return on investment.

About the Authors

Jack Butala & Jill DeWit

known affectionately in the real estate and investment community as “Jack & Jill,” stand as the pioneering spirits behind Land Academy and the expansive BuWit Family of Companies. Their partnership, both professional and personal, has catalyzed a revolution in the way land investing is approached, understood, and executed. With a rich tapestry of experience spanning over two decades and an impressive portfolio of more than 19,000 successful land transactions, Jack & Jill have not only mastered the art of land investment themselves but have also taken on the mantle of mentors and guides for a burgeoning community of investors.

From the outset, Jack & Jill’s vision was clear: to democratize the process of land investment, making it accessible, understandable, and profitable for individuals from all walks of life. Their journey began with a simple yet powerful idea – to share their wealth of knowledge, strategies, and insights with a wider audience, thereby lifting others as they climbed. This idea quickly blossomed into Land Academy, a comprehensive platform offering education, resources, and support for aspiring land investors.

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