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Looking for partnership opportunities in California and beyond

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Hello -  Hopefully this post ages well with all of us bracing for the Coronavirus spread.  I hope you and your love ones are safe and stay healthy through it all.  

I am reaching out to the House Academy community as a new member who is looking for any partnership ideas you may be interested in.  I have almost completed doing the GYR test on the state of California for Jan20 (should be done in a couple days).  So I have a lot of great data compiled for the state that could be used for mailers which I like doing as well.  I'm set up with Patlive and like being on the phone so coordinating deals/escrow is something I'd want to do. I've had some miserable luck selecting escrow officers as of late so any recommendations there are welcome.  I also live near Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles and am willing to be a BOG for the area although I am new so I will have a bit of a learning curve.  And lastly, through my previous career, I have a lot of strong connections throughout the state that could be cultivated into BOGs from Mendocino to San Diego, Sacramento to Kern.  

I'm willing to handle all aspects of the deal, my biggest hurdle starting out is capital to get mail out and being new so having not conquered many of the challenges most of you have.  If you have any ideas you are interested in working on together, I would be grateful for your proposals.  If there is some part of your operation outside of paying for mailers that's slowing you down, maybe I can be the person to help in that area you need.  

Thank you. I'm really excited to be part of this community. 

John Koehnen


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Hi John! Be sure to check out the Dealboards and HouseTank.com as well for partnership or funding opportunities. :)